What Does ‘Origin Post is Preparing Shipment’ Mean? A Guide for Online Shoppers

origin post is preparing shipment

Are origin post is preparing shipment you an avid online shopper who loves tracking your purchases? If yes, then you must be familiar with the message ‘Origin Post is Preparing Shipment.’ But what does it really mean? Is there something wrong with the delivery process or should you just sit back and wait patiently for your package to arrive? Don’t worry; we’ve got all the answers! In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about origin post and why it matters in ensuring a smooth delivery experience. So let’s dive right in!

What is Origin Post?

Origin Post refers to the postal service in the country of origin that handles your package before it is sent out for international delivery. It is responsible for processing and dispatching your shipment, which includes sorting, packaging, and labeling.

The Origin Post plays a critical role in ensuring that your parcel reaches its destination safely and efficiently. This means that any delays or issues with the Origin Post can impact the rest of the delivery process.

In most cases, you’ll receive an ‘origin post is preparing shipment’ notification when your package has been processed by the postal service in its country of origin. It’s important to note that this doesn’t necessarily mean that it has left its home country yet; instead, it simply indicates that preparations are underway for international shipping.

Understanding what Origin Post means can help ease any anxiety you may have about your online purchases arriving on time and ensure a positive shopping experience.

What does ‘Origin Post is Preparing Shipment’ Mean?

If you’re an online shopper who frequently buys products from international sellers, then you must have come across the phrase “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment” while tracking your package. But what exactly does this mean?

In simple terms, this message indicates that the seller has processed your order and is preparing to ship it out of their country. The shipment will soon be handed over to the postal service for delivery.

This status can remain for a few days or even weeks depending on various factors such as customs clearance, transportation availability, and other logistical issues. It’s important to note that this status doesn’t necessarily mean that your package is stuck or delayed; it’s just in transit.

It’s also worth mentioning that some countries provide more detailed tracking information than others. So if you don’t see any updates after the “Preparing Shipment” status, don’t panic – it may just be a matter of limited tracking capabilities.

Understanding what “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment” means can help ease any concerns about delays or lost packages during international shipping.

Why is Origin Post Preparing Shipment?

When you receive an Origin Post shipment notification, it means that your package has already cleared customs and is now being prepared for its journey to your doorstep. But why does the origin post need to prepare a shipment?

Firstly, the origin post needs to verify all of the information on your package before sending it off. This includes making sure that the address on the label is correct and ensuring that there are no prohibited items in your package.

Additionally, preparing a shipment also involves packaging and labeling each item with barcodes or tracking numbers. This helps keep track of every parcel throughout its journey and ensures that it arrives at its intended destination.

Moreover, origin posts also have to coordinate with various shipping carriers such as DHL or FedEx to ensure smooth delivery of packages. They need to determine which carrier would be best suited for delivering each specific package based on factors like size, weight, destination country etc.

Preparing shipments may seem like a simple process but requires careful attention from numerous parties involved in getting your parcel delivered securely and efficiently.

What to do if I receive an Origin Post shipment notification?

So, you’ve received a notification stating that your package is being prepared for shipment at the origin post and now you’re wondering what to do next? Here’s what you need to know:

Firstly, be patient. It takes time for international packages to clear customs and reach their final destination. Keep in mind that the shipping process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Secondly, make sure that your contact details are up-to-date with both the seller and shipping carrier. This will ensure that any updates on your package’s status can be easily communicated to you via email or text message.

Thirdly, check the estimated delivery date provided in your shipment notification. If this date has passed without any update on tracking information, don’t hesitate to reach out to either the seller or shipping carrier for further assistance.

If all else fails and your package seems lost or delayed beyond reasonable expectations, consider reaching out to customer support for additional help. Many carriers have dedicated teams available specifically for managing inquiries related to missing shipments.

Remember- while it can be frustrating waiting for an international package delivery- staying calm and following these steps will give you peace of mind while ensuring its safe arrival!

How to track my Origin Post shipment?

Once you receive the Origin Post shipment notification, it is natural to want to track your package. Fortunately, tracking your package is easy and convenient.

The first step in tracking your Origin Post shipment is to locate the tracking number provided in the shipment notification email or SMS. Once you have this number, visit the official website of your preferred carrier company and enter the tracking code into their search bar.

You will then be directed to a page that shows essential information about your package’s movements. This information usually includes when it was picked up by the carrier from Origin Post, important transit points along its journey, expected delivery date, and more.

If you’re unable to track your package using this method or have any questions regarding its location or status updates, don’t hesitate to contact customer service representatives who are available 24/7 online via chatbots or phone calls.

In summary, with just a few clicks on an official carrier’s website and entering a unique tracking number assigned for each parcel shipped through Origin post – customers can track their packages conveniently at any time with ease!


In summary, ‘Origin Post is Preparing Shipment’ is a notification that you will receive when your package has been sent from the seller’s country or origin and is now in transit to your country. This status means that your package hasn’t arrived in your country yet but it’s on its way.

It’s important to remember that shipping times can vary depending on many factors such as customs clearance, local postal service efficiency, and distance traveled. However, if you have any concerns about the delivery of your shipment, contact the seller or carrier directly for more detailed information.

By following our guide above on what Origin Post means and how to track it, online shoppers can stay informed about their purchases throughout each stage of delivery. Now you’re ready to sit back and wait for your parcel to arrive!

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