What are the five different pillars of social media marketing?

What are the five different pillars of social media marketing?

Nowadays, almost every brand, business, or individual uses different social networking platforms. Thus, marketers develop social media marketing programs for every channel. One of the most essential things that all the marketers look for is the way of delivering the message. With the help of social media channels, these messages get spread among the right people at the right time.

People can do it through both paid or free means. Brands and businesses can customise their content and messages to get the best engagement and growth as social media channels let them know more about their audience’s geographic, personal, demographics and other information.

What are the five different pillars of social media marketing?

There are five pillars of social media marketing that help people to get a successful program.

1. Strong social strategy

Brands or businesses can lay out an appropriate strategy in advance with the help of a marketing campaign or activity. They need to find the actual goal of the campaign, the right social platforms to use, what kind of content will be posted, and so on. Mentioned below are some examples:

i) Focus on goals- Businesses and other marketing activities performed on social media channels should be closely aligned. Measuring success, such as increment in brand awareness and revenue, driving more leads and traffic to the website, and so on, are some of the major goals set by a business.

ii) Choose the correct social platforms- In the present time, there are multiple social channels available for people. However, brands or businesses do not need to use every available platform for them. They must be aware of where they can find the maximum audience and select the platform accordingly.

iii) Mixing content – Every social networking platform works in a unique way for distributing content which includes images, direct messages, videos, links, and so on. Therefore, business owners need to determine which content can bring more engagement among the audience.

2. Plan and publish

Once the social media strategy is established, it is time for brands and businesses to start publishing. It is one of the easiest steps in which they need to share information about an upcoming event, post a new blog post, upload a new product video, and so on. However, it is essential for them to be consistent for an effective social media marketing program. They can build a huge audience base on their page or account by posting frequently.

The audience is more likely to come back to their page if they will keep posting relevant content consistently. The content published by brands or businesses on social networking channels should be aligning with the other promotions done by them. They can even use different tools through which they can schedule their post at a specific time. This can help them in saving a lot of energy and time.

3. Listen and engage

Some brands and businesses create several activities on their social accounts. With this, they can see tremendous growth in conversations and interaction of their products or services. The users will be able to share the post, comment on it, tag the brand or business name in their own post, start interacting instantly with the messaging functionalities, and more. For these types of interactions, social media managers get notifications and become alert. Therefore, they are ideal ways to interact and communicate. By this, they can practise good customer care service, which can enhance the customer experience.

Sometimes individuals might discuss a product, brand, service and more without speaking to the company directly or tagging them. In such cases, people can use a social media listening tool. These tools help marketers by providing them with a notification when anyone mentions their company. There are numerous social media listening tools available, and people can select the one best suited for their company.

4. Analytics and report

It is one of the best ideas for companies to measure their performance continuously, especially when they are publishing more content and the audience base is expanding more. Brands or businesses must know about the posts that are getting the most engagement, from where they are getting the most number of followers, and so on.

The data and analytics results are one of the most essential things on which the success of a marketing program is dependent. With the help of this information, marketing teams can work on upcoming campaigns and gain benefits as they know what actually works for them. Every social media platform works in a separate way of analysing data. However, there are multiple tools which people use to collect data from different channels in one location. Therefore, marketers can evaluate the campaign’s success and failure.

5. Advertise

In most cases, social media marketing is free. However, if an individual uses any specialised tool or resource of time, they might not be available for free. It is an excellent way to publish content and build a strong audience base on free social networking sites. However, the budget will also grow when the program grows. Paid marketing helps in adding a lot of value to brands or businesses.

There are multiple factors on which they can target their customers through advertisements depending upon age, demographic information, gender, habits, hobbies, retargeting, and so on. Many tools are available in the present time through which people can run ads on social media platforms. In the initial stage, people must use native ads functionalities as it is enough to promote all types of posts, attract new users, capture leads, get in the eyes of the right people, and more.

The bottom line

Social media channels are considered as one of the best platforms through which brands and businesses can create awareness among people. They can enhance the visibility of their brand, establish an excellent relationship with their potential customers and create two-way communication with them if they build comprehensive brand awareness. For every individual, there are numerous benefits to using social networking channels. Every brand and business owner can promote their company on these platforms. They can entertain and educate their audience by publishing high-quality content with consistency.

Considering everything, all the five pillars of social media marketing are interconnected. Thus, it is essential to pay attention to all of them while building a business that will become a well-known brand. With these platforms, people can grow their brand by focusing on delivering value to the customers, developing awareness, being consistent, and more. For having rapid growth, they can also purchase Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram followers, views, likes and so on. They must choose Buy Quality Likes as they offer 100% authentic and genuine services.

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