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Get huskers in the usfl ready to dive into the exciting world of football and discover the untold story of Huskers in the USFL! If you’re a fan of both college football and professional leagues, this blog post is tailor-made for you. We’ll take a trip down memory lane to explore the history of the United States Football League (USFL) and how it became intertwined with one of college football’s most legendary teams – the Huskers. From star players to memorable moments, we’ll uncover all there is to know about Huskers in the USFL. So grab your game face and let’s get started!

History of USFL

The USFL, or United States Football League, was a professional football league that operated from 1983 to 1985. It had big ambitions and aimed to compete with the NFL during its spring season. The league’s creation was fueled by the success of the upstart World Football League in the 1970s.

The USFL quickly gained attention and signed several high-profile players, including Herschel Walker, Jim Kelly, and Steve Young. They also secured television contracts with major networks like ABC and ESPN. However, financial instability plagued the league from early on.

Despite some initial success, such as strong attendance numbers and exciting games, the USFL faced numerous challenges off the field. Internal disputes among team owners over future expansion plans led to a decision to move their schedule to a fall season in direct competition with the NFL.

This ill-fated move proved disastrous for the USFL’s long-term viability. The league filed an antitrust lawsuit against the NFL but ultimately folded after winning just $1 in damages.

While it may not have achieved its ultimate goals or left a lasting impact on professional football history, there is no denying that for a brief moment in time, the USFL provided fans with an alternative brand of football that showcased talented players who would go on to make their mark in other leagues like Herschel Walker did with his successful career in both NFL and CFL (Canadian Football League).

The history of USFL serves as a reminder of how challenging it can be for any new sports league to establish itself against established giants like NFL. Nonetheless it remains an intriguing footnote within American sports history – one that has undoubtedly influenced subsequent ventures into alternative football leagues such as XFL or AAF (Alliance of American Football).

How Huskers Became Involved in the USFL

The USFL, also known as the United States Football League, was a professional football league that operated from 1983 to 1985. During its brief existence, the USFL provided an opportunity for players who didn’t make it to the NFL or were looking for a fresh start in their careers. One group of players that found success in the USFL were the Huskers.

So how did Huskers become involved in the USFL? Well, it all starts with their impressive college careers at Nebraska. The University of Nebraska has long been recognized as one of the top football programs in the country, producing talented players year after year. Many Huskers caught the attention of scouts and coaches in both college and NFL circles.

When the USFL came onto the scene, it offered these standout Huskers a chance to continue playing football at a professional level. The league saw potential in recruiting players who had already proven themselves on big stages like college football games and bowl appearances.

Husker alumni such as Irving Fryar and Roger Craig made waves in both college and professional ranks before joining teams within the USFL. These former Huskers brought their skills and winning mentality to their respective teams, making significant contributions on offense and defense alike.

Their impact wasn’t limited to individual performances; they played an important role in shaping public perception of both Nebraska football and American football overall during this time period. Their success helped solidify Nebraska’s reputation as a powerhouse program while also elevating interest in non-NFL leagues like the USFL.

As we look towards future seasons of both college football at Nebraska and potential revivals or similar opportunities for alternate professional leagues like what we saw with XFL recently (before its unfortunate cancellation), it is clear that there will always be room for talented players from storied programs like Nebraska’s Huskers within these alternative avenues for play.

Husker involvement within organizations like the USFL not only benefitted the players themselves but also helped increase interest in these non-NFL leagues.

Famous Huskers Players in the USFL

Famous Huskers Players in the USFL

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, also known as the Huskers, has a long and storied history of producing talented football players. Many of these players have gone on to make their mark in professional leagues, including the United States Football League (USFL).

One such player is Roger Craig, who played for the Huskers from 1979-1982 before being drafted by the San Francisco 49ers. Craig went on to have a successful career in both the NFL and USFL, earning Pro Bowl selections and winning three Super Bowls.

Another notable Husker who found success in the USFL is Irving Fryar. After playing at Nebraska from 1980-1983, Fryar was selected with the first overall pick in the 1984 NFL Draft. However, before joining the New England Patriots, Fryar spent two seasons with the Philadelphia Stars in the USFL where he showcased his exceptional talent.

Additionally, we cannot forget about Mike Rozier’s impact on both college and professional football. Rozier won numerous awards during his time as a running back for Nebraska from 1981-1983. He then went on to play for several teams in boththe NFL and USFL where he continued to showcase his speed and agility.

These are just a few examples of famous Huskers players who made their mark in the USFL. Their success not only brought recognition to themselves but also highlighted th e strength of Nebraska’s football program.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about huskers’ involvement in professional football leagues!

Impact of Huskers on the USFL and Vice Versa

The impact of Huskers on the USFL and vice versa cannot be overstated. These two entities have had a significant influence on each other, shaping the landscape of professional football.

The presence of Huskers players in the USFL brought a level of talent and skill that elevated the league’s competitive nature. Many former Nebraska Cornhuskers players joined USFL teams and made an immediate impact with their exceptional abilities. Their success on the field drew attention to both themselves and the league as a whole.

Moreover, these Husker athletes brought with them a strong work ethic and dedication to their craft. Their commitment to excellence inspired teammates and set new standards for professionalism within the league. They became role models for aspiring players, influencing not only their own teams but also future generations of football stars.

Additionally, the success experienced by Huskers in the USFL helped solidify Nebraska’s reputation as one of college football’s powerhouses. The achievements of these former Cornhuskers demonstrated that their skills were transferable to professional play, further enhancing Nebraska’s prestige as a breeding ground for top-tier talent.

Conversely, playing in the USFL provided opportunities for Husker athletes to develop their skills at a higher level before making it to NFL rosters. The rigorous competition they faced in this alternative pro-football league allowed them to refine their game while adjusting to different styles of play.

It is clear that both sides benefited immensely from this symbiotic relationship between Huskers players and the USFL. The impact was felt not only in terms of performance on game day but also through increased visibility and recognition for both individuals and institutions involved.

As we look towards future seasons, it will be exciting to see how this connection continues to evolve. Will more alumni from other universities follow suit? Only time will tell! But one thing is certain: there is no denying that Huskers have left an indelible mark on professional football history, and their impact on the USFL will be remembered for years to come.

The Future of Huskers in the USFL

The Future of Huskers in the USFL

As we look to the future, the presence of Huskers in the USFL seems promising. With their rich history and strong reputation, it’s no surprise that they have made a significant impact on this league. The question now is: what lies ahead for these talented players?

One thing is certain – the demand for Huskers in professional football will continue to grow. Their proven track record of success at both the college and professional levels makes them highly sought after by teams across various leagues. This means more opportunities for Huskers to showcase their skills and contribute to their team’s success.

Furthermore, with a renewed interest in alternative football leagues like the USFL, there will likely be even greater exposure for aspiring players from programs like Nebraska. As fans eagerly await the return of USFL games, they’ll undoubtedly be keeping an eye out for standout performances from former or current Husker athletes.

In terms of development and growth, being part of a league like the USFL can provide valuable experience and exposure for young players looking to make a name for themselves. It offers an opportunity to refine their skills, learn from seasoned professionals, and gain invaluable game-time experience.

Additionally, playing alongside other talented individuals will only serve to enhance each player’s abilities further. The competition within teams will push everyone to perform at their best consistently.

While it’s impossible to predict exactly how things will unfold in the world of football or where specific athletes may end up signing contracts, one thing remains clear – as long as there are opportunities available in professional football leagues like the USFL, talented Huskers players will continue making waves.

So let us keep our eyes peeled on upcoming seasons because who knows which new stars might emerge from Nebraska!



The USFL and the Huskers have shared a unique history that has left an indelible mark on American football. From its inception in 1983 to its unfortunate demise in 1986, the USFL provided a platform for talented players from college football programs like the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Huskers played a significant role in the success of various teams within the league. Their exceptional skills and dedication to their craft helped elevate both their individual careers and the overall competitiveness of the USFL. Many Huskers players went on to achieve greatness in professional football after their time in the league.

However, despite its promising start, financial challenges led to the downfall of the USFL. The league’s impact on American football cannot be denied though – it paved the way for future leagues and influenced rule changes that are still evident today.

As for what lies ahead for Huskers’ involvement with a potential revival of the USFL or other professional leagues, only time will tell. One thing is certain: there will always be a place for skilled athletes who have honed their talents at prestigious universities like UNL.

While no longer active, memories of Huskers’ participation in the USFL continue to inspire fans and aspiring young athletes alike. The legacy they left behind serves as a reminder that talent can emerge from any corner of America’s vast college football landscape.

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