How To Stay Connected With Family And Friends In Assisted Living

Having a loved one in assisted living can be hard, but staying connected doesn’t have to be. According to the National Center for Assisted

Having a loved one in assisted living can be hard, but staying connected doesn’t have to be. According to the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), 85% of residents are able to stay connected with their family and friends despite being away from home. With the right strategies, you can ensure that your loved one remains close with those who are important in their lives.

Here are some great tips on how to stay connected with family and friends in assisted living:

– Utilizing modern technology
– Mailing letters and cards
– Organizing video chats with groups
– Hosting virtual parties
– Exchanging photos and videos
– Taking advantage of phone calls.

Let’s dive into these ideas further so you can make sure your loved one stays connected!

Utilize Modern Technology

By embracing modern technology, seniors in assisted living can easily keep up with loved ones and stay in touch!

You can show them how to use video chat services like Skype or Facetime so that they can communicate with family members who are far away. They can also use social media platforms to share memories, pictures, and stories with their friends and family.

This is a great way for them to feel connected even if they cannot arrange visits as often as they’d like. Additionally, many of these platforms have messaging capabilities where they can send messages back and forth quickly.

This allows the senior to stay in touch without feeling overwhelmed by the technology.

Mail Letters and Cards

You can easily keep in touch with your loved ones by sending them letters and cards – it’s a great way to show how much you care! Visiting regularly may not be an option, but you can still share stories through mail.

You can write about the latest news from your own life or send along articles of interest that have caught your eye. Sending cards for special occasions like birthdays and holidays will let them know they are remembered and loved. People in assisted living appreciate feeling connected, so writing letters is a great way to maintain relationships despite distance.

What’s more, sending mail has its own charm. Whether it’s picking out stationery or choosing stamps for their envelope, writing letters can be a fun process that adds enjoyment to staying in touch with family members.

Not to mention the surprise when they receive something tangible in the mail, giving them something physical and sentimental to hold on to until you’re able to visit again. Organize video chats with groups offers another way for seniors who live alone in assisted living facilities to feel connected with those they love most.

Organize Video Chats with Groups

Video chatting with groups is a great way to virtually gather those you care about, without having to physically be there.

For example, planning an online game night for your grandparents, siblings, and cousins can provide a fun and meaningful way to catch up. You could also plan virtual outings such as going on a virtual tour of the Louvre or joining online communities that offer classes in anything from gardening to Spanish language instruction. This is an excellent way for seniors in assisted living communities to stay connected with family and friends while still embracing social distancing guidelines.

Hosting virtual parties is another great way to stay connected with loved ones while living in an assisted living community. By doing so, residents can celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries with family members who may not be able to come visit due to travel restrictions or health concerns.

Additionally, video conferencing platforms allow hosts the ability to customize their gatherings by creating interactive activities such as trivia games or group challenges like charades for all participants. Hosting virtual parties provides a safe yet entertaining option for seniors who want to stay connected with their friends and family during this difficult time.

Host Virtual Parties

Hosting virtual parties is a great way to have fun and make lasting memories with your loved ones, no matter where they may be!

Invite entertainers like singers or comedians to perform for the group. Schedule activities like virtual bingo, trivia nights, or karaoke competitions. Make sure everyone has all the information they need in advance so they can join in on the fun!

You can also create an online scrapbook by exchanging photos and videos with your family and friends. Share stories of funny moments, special occasions, and other memories you’ve made together over the years.

It’s a great way to keep up connections even when you’re far apart!

Exchange Photos and Videos

Share special moments and create lasting memories with your loved ones through exchanged photos and videos. Whether you’re sending pictures of a recent birthday celebration or exchanging videos of the grandkids, there are numerous ways to stay connected with family and friends in assisted living.

You can exchange stories about how life has changed since they moved into their new home, share memories from days past, or even chat about current events. With photos and videos, you can give your loved one an opportunity to see what’s going on in the lives of those away from them – a small but meaningful connection when physical visits aren’t possible.

The digital age has made it possible for us to connect easily over long distances – take advantage of phone calls, email, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, texting apps such as WhatsApp and Skype. Allowing your family member or friend to be part of your life again is sure to bring joy and comfort during these times.

Don’t forget that it works both ways – invite them to share their own images so you can keep tabs on them too!

Take Advantage of Phone Calls

Taking advantage of phone calls is a great way to stay in touch with your loved one, especially if physical visits aren’t possible. Scheduling regular calls can create a sense of consistency and closeness that helps bridge the physical gap.

To make sure you don’t forget to call, set reminders on your calendar or smartphone. You could also ask their caretaker or facility staff to remind you when it’s time for another call.

When making the call, be patient and understanding of any communication difficulties due to age, hearing loss, or other health-related issues. Try not to take any delays personally and focus instead on finding ways to be creative while chatting with your loved one.

Ask open-ended questions like “What did you do today?” rather than “Did anything interesting happen?” This will give them an opportunity to share stories about their day-to-day activities in assisted living without feeling rushed or overwhelmed by the conversation.


Staying connected with family and friends while living in assisted living doesn’t have to be difficult. There are so many ways to stay close despite the physical distance between you. From regular visits and phone calls to utilizing technology like video chats and social media, staying connected in assisted living has become easier than ever. It’s important to prioritize communication and make an effort to maintain those meaningful connections.

Utilizing modern technology, sending letters and cards, organizing video chats, hosting virtual parties, exchanging photos and videos, and taking advantage of phone calls can all help make staying connected a breeze!

Even though it isn’t easy being apart from your loved ones during this time, remember that “a family that stays together, stays strong.” With some careful planning and effort on both sides of the relationship, you can make sure to always remain close even if you can’t see each other in person.

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