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What is exterior home cleaning

One exterior home cleaning of the most important things you can do for your home is keep it clean. Not just clean, but exterior clean. This means taking care of the areas around your home that are visible to passersby. If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think twice about cleaning the inside of your home—but what about the outside? While there are a few methods you can use to clean your exterior home, one of the most popular is exterior home cleaning. In this blog post, we will explore what exterior home cleaning is and how it can help you keep your home looking its best.

Types of exterior home cleaning

There are many types of exterior home cleaning that can be done to make your home look its best. From window washing to walkway cleaning, here are the most common types:

Window washing: This is the most common type of exterior home cleaning and it involves cleaning the windows of your home. You will need a ladder and a bucket or a hose to clean the windows. Be sure to use a soft cloth to clean the glass and avoid using any harsh chemicals.

Walkway cleaning: Walkways can also benefit from a good exterior home cleaning. Clear away any leaves or debris that has built up over time and use a hose or broom to clean the pavement. If you have salt or ice on your sidewalks, be sure to brush it off before walking on it.

Patio Cleaning: If you have a patio, be sure to clean it every season. Use a hose or broom to remove any leaves, dirt, or debris. Be careful not to damage the railing or furniture if possible. And don’t forget about the flower pots – get them cleaned up as well!

What to expect when your cleaner arrives

When your cleaner arrives, they will be dressed in a professional uniform and carrying a truck full of cleaning supplies. They will begin by inspecting the exterior of your home to make sure all surfaces are clean and free of debris. If there are any areas that need more attention, they will instruct you on what needs to be done. Depending on the type of cleaner you have hired, they may also do some light cleaning inside your home. Once the entire exterior and interior of your home has been cleaned, they will leave you with a clean bill of health!

How often to clean your exterior home

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to keeping your exterior home looking good is to clean it regularly. Here are some tips on how often to clean your exterior home:

-If you live in a climate with severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes or snowstorms, be sure to clean your home before each event. This will help prevent debris from accumulating and making your property more susceptible to damage.

-Regularly sweep and vacuum your sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas. Make sure to remove all leaves, twigs, and other debris from these areas.

-Cleaning your gutters is also important. Cleaning them once a month will help prevent clogged drains and pipes that could lead to flooding.

-When it comes to cleaning your windows, make sure you use a window cleaner that is specifically formulated for glass surfaces. Never use a household cleaner on your windows; this could damage them over time.

How to clean the outdoor surfaces

To clean the exterior surfaces of your home, use a mixture of water and a mild detergent. Sweep the surface and then spritz it with water. Use a broom or a mop to remove any dirt or dust. Rake the area to smooth out any bumps or ridges. Finally, pour a bucket of water over the area and scrub with a brush until the surface is clean.

Tips for keeping your exterior home clean

To keep your exterior home clean, use these tips:

1. Sweep and mop the floors regularly. This will help remove dirt, dust and debris that can build up over time.

2. Wipe down window casings, door frames and other exterior surfaces frequently. This will prevent rain and snow from collecting on the surface and creating mold or mildew problems.

3. Maintain a garden or landscaping area free of debris to help reduce the chance of pests getting inside your home.

4. Remove leaves, twigs and other plant material from around doors and windowsills to keep them free of clutter and bugs.

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