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Key points about aws cloudtrail

AWS CloudTrail is a cloud-based log management and event management service that helps you to track your AWS cloud resources and activity. You can use CloudTrail to collect logs from Amazon EC2 instances, S3 buckets, Kinesis streams, Lambda functions, and CloudWatch metrics. In this blog post, we’ll go over the key points about so that you can get started using it in your organization. We’ll also give you some tips on how to use CloudTrail to improve your data governance and analysis.

What is AWS CloudTrail?

is a web-based logging service that lets you collect logs from your AWS Services and create log files with event details, including system information, application data, and cloudtrail.log events. You can then use the logs to investigate problems, track changes, and improve your application performance.

CloudTrail is available in most Regions of the AWS ecosystem. You can use it to log events for your Amazon EC2 instances and Amazon S3 buckets, as well as for Glacier storage accounts. You can also use CloudTrail to collect logs from other AWS services such as Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon RDS.

You can use CloudTrail to help troubleshoot issues in your applications or to monitor changes over time. For example, you can analyze how traffic has changed over time or see which applications are using the most resources.

What are the benefits of using AWS CloudTrail?

is an event-based data management system that gives you insights into how data is used across your AWS accounts. With CloudTrail, you can detect and investigate changes to your data, track who made changes, and audit your usage of resources.

Some benefits of using  include:

1. Insight into how your data is being used: With CloudTrail, you can get insights into who changed the data, when they changed it, and what changes they made. This information can help you better understand how your data is being used and protect it from unauthorized access.

2. Detect and investigate changes:With CloudTrail, you can detect and investigate any changes to your data – whether those changes were intentional or accidental. This information can help you troubleshoot problems with your data and identify potential attacks.

3. Track who made changes:CloudTrail lets you track who made changes to your data – both authorized users and unauthorized users. This information can help you understand which employees are using your data wisely and which ones are making mistakes.

4. Audit your usage of resources:CloudTrail also gives you a detailed history of all the resources (such as storage space, CPU time, and network bandwidth) that have been used to store or process your data. This information can help you identify areas whereyou’re using valuable resources in an inefficient way, and make necessary adjustments

How does AWS CloudTrail work?

works by recording Amazon EC2 events and sending them to an AWS CloudTrail log repository. The events can include everything from the instances that are started, stopped, or terminated to file transfers and more.

The log repository then allows you to querying the logs for specific event occurrences and track the changes over time. You can also use the logs for forensic investigations, compliance audits, and more.

CloudTrail is a great way to keep track of your Amazon EC2 activity and changes over time. It’s also a helpful tool when investigating issues or trying to comply with regulatory requirements.

What are the limitations of AWS CloudTrail?

CloudTrail is a service that helps you collect and analyze logs from your AWS Cloud Services. However, there are some limitations to using CloudTrail.

First, CloudTrail only captures events for your own resources. This means that it does not capture information about traffic or usage patterns on other AWS resources.

Second, CloudTrail is a read-only service. This means that you cannot modify or delete the logs it has collected. You can only view and analyze them.


In this article, we have summarized the key points about aws cloudtrail.  is a great tool for managing and monitoring your logs. It allows you to easily create log files, tag them, and analyze them using various tools. You can also use it to monitor events in your applications or services and diagnose issues faster.

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