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How Fast Is Weight Loss On Wellbutrin Reddit

If How Fast Is Weight Loss On Wellbutrin Reddit you’re looking to lose weight, you may be wondering how fast it will happen on Wellbutrin. While there is no single answer to this question, there are some general trends that can help. In this blog post, we’ll explore how quickly weight loss is likely on Wellbutrin and what you can do to maximize your results.

What is Wellbutrin?

Wellbutrin is a medication that has been prescribed to treat depression. It is also used to help people who are struggling with weight loss. Wellbutrin can help you lose weight by increasing your energy levels and helping you to burn more calories. Additionally, wellbutrin can help you to feel more motivated to exercise and eat healthy foods.

How Fast Does Weight Loss Happen on Wellbutrin?

On the Wellbutrin subreddit, users discuss how weight loss occurs on the antidepressant. Some report losing a few pounds in the beginning while others say that it takes a while for the weight to decrease. Interestingly, most people cite increased energy and less cravings as key benefits of Wellbutrin.

Side Effects of Wellbutrin

Certain side effects of wellbutrin can occur when taken over a long period of time, such as increased appetite, weight gain, and trouble sleeping. These side effects usually go away after you stop taking wellbutrin. If they do not go away, talk to your doctor.

How Long Does It Take to Lose Weight on Wellbutrin?

Weight loss on Wellbutrin can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. The average weight loss for people taking Wellbutrin is about 1-2 pounds per week, but this can vary depending on individual metabolism and activity levels. Keep in mind that any weight loss will be slowed down if you are also drinking alcohol or eating a high-calorie diet.

What to Expect When Taking Wellbutrin

When starting on Wellbutrin, weight loss may be a bit slower than you’re used to. This medication can help you feel better and may improve your mood, which makes it easier to stick to a healthier lifestyle. In the first month or two, you may lose up to 2-3 pounds, but after that, the weight loss will likely be gradual. Generally speaking, people who take wellbutrin lose around 1-2 pounds per week. If you’re not losing weight after a few weeks, talk to your doctor about whether or not there are other factors at play.


Wellbutrin is a medication that has been shown to help How Fast Is Weight Loss On Wellbutrin Reddit people with depression, but it’s possible that it also helps weight loss. While there isn’t much research on this topic, anecdotal evidence suggests that people who How Fast Is Weight Loss On Wellbutrin Reddit take wellbutrin for weight loss tend to lose more weight than those who don’t take the drug. If you’re interested in trying Wellbutrin for weight loss, it may be a good idea to talk to your doctor first and see if it’s an appropriate medication for you.

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