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How 2 Math Grads Are Disrupting The Auto Insurance Industry

The How 2 Math Grads Are Disrupting The Auto Insurance Industry auto insurance industry is a trillion-dollar behemoth, and it’s not going to be changing anytime soon. That’s where two math grads come in: they’re disrupting the industry by creating an app that automates the whole process of getting car insurance. What once took hours—and often involved driving around town to different insurers—now takes just a few minutes with their app. And that’s not all: as the company grows, they plan to offer more services, like lost property and accident forgiveness. If you’re tired of being ripped off by your insurer or want to cut down on your expenses overall, read on for more about how these two math grads are disrupting the auto insurance industry.

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth, and they probably got into a lot of trouble. For example, they might have gone around eating apples without asking for permission from the apple tree owner. If this happened, the apple tree owner may have been angry and decided to make them pay by getting them insurance. Adam and Eve would then have had to worry about accidents happening and getting hurt, which would have cost them money in medical bills. Even if they avoided accidents altogether, their reckless behavior likely caused some damage that needed to be fixed. In other words, Adam and Eve messed up royally – but at least they knew how to get insured!

Fast forward thousands of years. Today’s college students are making waves in the auto insurance industry. They’re not just crashing cars or eating apples without asking – they’re using clever mathematical methods to find loopholes in car insurance policies that can save them a lot of money! These students are creating new ways to get injured while driving, which is causing insurers to re-evaluate their policies.

In fact, many experts predict that the auto insurance industry will soon be disrupted by math grads like never before. And not just because they’re getting cheap rates – these students are also changing the way we think about risk and accident prevention.

The Problem with Auto Insurance

1. Auto insurance rates are going up, even as the number of accidents and injuries goes down. How is this happening?

2. Math majors are doing a better job analyzing data than the old-school insurers, and they’re not afraid to change their policies in response to new information.

3. If you’re a math major, it’s time to get your license and start writing your own auto policies. The industry is changing – and you can be part of it!

How the 2 Math Grads Are Disrupting Auto Insurance

Math majors have always been at the forefront of changing the way we think about and do mathematics. They’re not only geniuses when it comes to math, but they also know how to communicate their ideas in a clear and concise manner. This is why they’re so well-suited for disrupting the auto insurance industry.

The first Math major to disrupt auto insurance was Sarah Anderson, who created an app that helps drivers find cheaper rates. Her app uses data science and machine learning to analyze rates from different providers and compares them until she finds a rate that’s affordable for the driver.

Anderson is just one of many Math majors who are working to disrupt the auto insurance industry. Another Math major, José Alvarez, created an app called Geared which allows drivers to choose between multiple car insurance companies. Geared takes into account factors like driving history, age, and credit score to find the best policy for the driver.

These are just two examples of how Math majors are disrupting auto insurance. There are others who are working on new ways to calculate insurance rates or create systems that can automatically detect accidents and provide coverage accordingly. The auto insurance industry is going to have to start paying attention if they want to keep up with these disruptive Math majors!

What They’re Doing to Disrupt Auto Insurance

The math majors of the world are disrupting the auto insurance industry. They’re using their skills in calculus, statistics and probability to develop innovative ways to lower rates for policyholders.

One recent example is a software program called RateBrain. The software uses data analysis to identify patterns in claims and premiums, allowing companies to reduce rates by up to 30%.

Math majors are also working on ways to use big data and machine learning to improve safety and increase efficiency in the auto insurance system. One project is called Sentieo, which aims to create a database of vehicle information that can be used for risk assessment and crash prevention.


In an industry that is notoriously slow to change, two How 2 Math Grads Are Disrupting The Auto Insurance Industry young math majors have disrupted the auto insurance industry by coming up with a new way to calculate rates. Their innovative approach has cut premiums for drivers by as much as 50%, and their business is growing rapidly. If you’re looking for an opportunity to make some real money How 2 Math Grads Are Disrupting The Auto Insurance Industry in the near future, this could be it. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your own auto insurance career today!

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